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    March 2, 2018

    A few months ago, the president of Jazzercise posted the following on Facebook along with a picture of her sculpted abs and arms:

    “Post class sweaty happiness. After a week of interval fusion I am sweaty, happy and feeling strong. Sometimes I get asked what else do I do besides Jazzercise  & it’s always a funny question b/c this is all I have ever done for my workout and I really don’t have time to do anything else even if I wanted to. But what I can tell you is that I am 49 years old and this is what this fitness program can do for you, but…you have to DO IT to see results. So, what are you waiting for???”

    I also teach Jazzercise – have been lovin’ almost every minute of it for 20 years – and taught a very similar format last week. Much to my chagrin, it caused quite a bru-ha-ha with a few of the ladies in class.

    Picture this – it was a packed class. I’m talking PACKED. We couldn’t fit one more person in the studio even if we tried. My energy was through the roof. My set was hard. The music was pumpin’.  I was cueing my class like the energizer bunny. I was unstoppable…. so I thought.

    That is until one person tells me she didn’t like my class format.

    Mind you, the 20 or so people who thanked me for a great class were completely drowned out by the volume of this one person who had to tell me she didn’t like it. For the rest of the day, I ruminated about it. I allowed it to ruin my day. I was so upset about it, I declared, “I quit and will never teach again.”

    As I always do, I excavate my insides to see why I was so upset by one person’s opinion. As I was doing my work, I remembered the post from Shanna…. I couldn’t help but thinking how totally offensive it would be for someone to ask her such a silly question, “what else do you do for fitness”? Wouldn’t that be like asking Bill Gates if he owns a Mac, or Richard Branson if he fly’s South West, or Elon Musk if he drives a Mercedes? Totally absurd questions…

    comfort zone

    And then I realized something powerful. There are some people who can step outside their comfort zone and challenge themselves to take life on in whatever way that is for them – Building their bodies, building their families, building their companies, building the life of their dreams… and there are others who want to stay in their zone. These are the people who show up, just barely, and think that by just showing up, that’s enough to render the results they want. When they don’t get the results, it must be because something else is at play. The thoughts sound something like this….

    She must be doing something else, because I don’t look like that and I’m here, too.

    This isn’t what I expected today. I assumed we would be ______ (fill in the blank).

    This isn’t a workout! This is too hard and I don’t like it.

    What other program is out there that can help me look the way I want to? This isn’t working.

    It’s always about someone else, or something else. Rarely, do we stop to really evaluate our participation in the results we experience in our lives. Just as I said in my last blog post, we are so quick to shift attention to the outside world, rather than looking inward to see how we’ve participated in our own experience of life. Keep this in mind: In all of our life experiences, there is only 1 common denominator – and that is OURSELVES.

    You want extraordinary results – you need to do the work.

    I know I am too much for some people; and that’s ok. I also know that my life looks exactly the way I like it, because I do the work to create the experiences I want. I want a tight, toned body – I do the work. I want a healthy family who communicates with each other, spends time laughing together and loves each other deeply – I do that work. I want a career that affords me to be home when my teenager is home so we can connect mother to daughter – I do the work. I want to make a difference in the life of those who trust me to coach them in their lives – I do the work.

    As our awesome leader said – “but…you have to DO IT to see results. So, what are you waiting for???”

    What are you waiting for?

    In what areas of your life are you showing up, expecting miraculous results without wanting to do the work?

    When we step outside our comfort zone, do the work, we can expect extraordinary results. When we show up inside our comfort zone and do what we’ve always done, we can expect the same…ordinary results. When we as leaders give the opportunity for others to step outside their comfort zone, we can be met with push back and complaints. And that’s ok.

    Next time this happens to me, I hope I remember this and not waste an entire day ruminating about something that wasn’t even about me…

    Are you ready to do the work? I am. Now.

    Speak to you soon,


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