• The 7 Flavors of Love

    The 7 Flavors of Love

    A One Day Workshop for both individuals and couples with Deepika Sheleff

    Reclaim your natural capacity to love and be loved

    Open the gateway to more connection, nourishment and love in your life

    Have you ever noticed how some people find it very easy to love their close friends, but find it difficult to be in a loving intimate relationship…?

    Other people have a great connection to the divine, but have trouble showing up as a reliable partner. You may have met people who are great lovers, but can’t hold a conversation, or been with someone who was solid and helpful, but didn’t make your heart sing for joy…

    Why is this? Because love is not one thing.

    It is not one emotion, and it does not have one action. Love is multifaceted, and our struggles arise when we are not fully living all seven aspects of love.
    Love is beautiful, but it is also messy and difficult at times.
    None of us arrive at adulthood without wounds to our heart. Going through the ups and downs of love, we learn different ways to protect ourselves and make the most of what we got. Over time, certain types of connection become easy and natural, while others feel strange, scary, or completely out of reach.
    The first step is to understand which of these seven flavors is stronger in you, and which is more of a challenge. The more you know both your unique gifts and your blind spots, the more freedom and power you have to become masterful in all dimensions of love.
    In this illuminating day-long workshop we will:
    ·          Discover your natural “love power” – the expression of love that is natural, reliable and fun for you.
    ·          Understand why some of your relationships get stuck, confusing or overwhelming at times, and what you can do about it…
    ·          Unlock the secret gateway to restoring the flow of love.
    ·          Learn the keys to each of the seven flavors.
    This is an experiential workshop, a space of deep safety to discover what is true for you. We will use mindfulness, meditation and gentle exercises to open the secret channels of love.
    This is what they forgot to teach you at school – the most important lesson on how to cultivate authentic connection and love.
    With the keys you’ll learn at this workshop, you’ll be able to create the appropriate and satisfying level of connection in all different kinds of relationships. You’ll learn how to tap into the essential source, and begin to create a life filled with love.

    Workshop Details

    Where and When?

    Saturday, December 6, 10am – 4pm
    MODAvate Center
    11722 Sorrento Valley Road, Suite E
    San Diego, CA 92121
    Contact/Info: 1 (866) 740-MODA

    Price: $200 per person
    Early bird price: $149 per person before November 10, 9pm PST

    – See more at: http://www.deeperintolife.com/7-flavors-workshop.html#sthash.fDDiRePh.dpuf

    About Deepika
    Deepika Sheleff is a masterful healer and coach with a unique and rich set of tools and skills. She’s not your typical “just-break-through-this” coach or “let’s-talk-about-your-mom-for-10-months” therapist.Instead, through working with mindfulness and the body, Deepika helps create results that are more immediate, more tangible and more sustainable than what most people think is possible.In almost 15 years as an international trainer and coach, she has touched the lives of thousands of people, helping them find greater wholeness, happiness and freedom in all areas of their lives .There are few people who can see the root of your suffering and recognize your true brilliance in the same breath. Not many have the depth of life experience and creative skills to call forth the full range of who you really are, and help you create a life that is in true alignment with that. Deepika is one of those people, and her very presence is a transforming force.She has led workshops, trainings and tele-seminars all over the world, working with people of different languages, cultures and backgrounds. She works with individuals and couples in her office in San Rafael, CA or online.  Deepika is an International Bio-energetic Pulsation Trainer, a Certified Hakomi practitioner, an RCS (Re-creation of Self) teacher and the author of the upcoming book: “The Seven Flavors of Love”

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