This Forum Will Help you:

  • Recognize and Celebrate Your Unique Qualities
  • Enhance Your Sense of Self-Worth
  • Hear and Understand Your Inner Wisdom
  • Acquire Tools to Reach Your Peak Potential
  • Find Strength and Inspiration to Succeed
  • Find Your Authentic Leadership Style

Acquire & Develop:

  • Self-awareness and courage
  • Finding and using your voice
  • Ability to make tough decisions
  • Ability to have difficult conversations
  • A loving relationship with your body
  • Skills to stay fit, strong and healthy
  • Skills to nurture and cultivate relationships
  • Building Trust and Trust-Worthiness
  • Skills to navigate and stand up to peer pressure
  • Appreciation for family and friends
  • Ability to create excellence in areas of life that matter most
  • An Innovator’s perspective

What Our Past Participants are saying:

“I wish I had the Teen Leadership Forum when I was in high school.”

— C. Castanos

“I really enjoyed meeting and making new friends at TLF. I’m so glad I did”

— D.E. age 14

“I enjoyed all the outdoor activities and eating lunch with my new friends. I also like discussing how to handle anger and solve problems.”

— D.C age 14

Photos from our last Teen Leadership Forum


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