• Roger-dodger, you have been heard!



    Do you know what ‘unlimited’ means? It means you decide – EVERYTHING!
    Notes from the Universe coloring book

    Notes from the Universe to Susan:

    1976/1977 –  At 6 & 7 you stood atop the green electrical box in front of your house, microphone in hand, sharing with whomever would listen

    2003 – You declared what was important in the ideal partner

    2003 – You said you wanted an empowered relationship with Mom

    2004 – You declared, ‘when Gabriela is in high school, I will be at home with her’.

    2011 – You made a point to recognize you only wanted to surround yourself with people who brought out the best in you

    2015 – You wrote down: be in control of my calendar, work in a flexible, fun, fast paced environment, work with companies who are up to BIG things, work with a great leadership team, be respected and appreciated.

    Thank you Universe for these reminders. Clearly, you have a great memory!!

    I had no idea at 6 that I was creating my future. No idea I was shouting out to the Universe and all my angels that being a motivational speaker and trainer is what I wanted to be. In my fancy dress, I’d climb atop of the dark green electrical box that was in front of our house on East J St.  Microphone in hand (really it was a broken radio antennae), I was ready to shout out to anyone who would listen.  The kids playing at the park across the street, as well as their parents, would turn to me to see what I was babbling about. I don’t remember what I was saying, but I do remember how I felt.  I was a little girl with a lot to say. I had experiences to share, insight to give and excitement to pass out to everyone listening.  I felt fully myself; empowered to share myself and my stories!

    Qualities of my ideal partner:
    Healthy                           Light hearted
    Attractive                        Social
    Good listener                  Energetic
    Good sexual partner       Allows me to share w/o talking back
    Giving                              Playful
    Thoughtful                       Loves Gabriela
    Romantic                         Great shoulders
    Loving                              Hardworking
    Funny                               Honest
    Loves his Mom                Trustworthy

    I wrote this list in 2003 in a Commitment seminar. I promised myself to know exactly what was really important to me before entering a new relationship.

    All I wanted was my mom to be proud of me. Somehow I lost sight of that through my late teen years, and I would assert she lost many nights of sleep worrying about me. I have apologized 100,000,000 times. She has forgiven me and together we have forged a loving, empowering, very connected relationship – as adults, as women, and mother-daughter. She is proud of me. She loves me. I will always be her baby… she’s told me so; “Susan, whether you are 16 or 60, I am still your mother and you will always be my baby.”  I love the way that sounds. There is a very special place in her heart, one that only I can fill.

    I remember saying to myself, “I need my career now. I need to provide for my child.  When she is in high school, I will be in a position to be home with her, driver her where she needs to go, and be ‘that house’ which is always open to her friends with hot food, music and a caring mother to listen. I will be available to all teens who may have lost their way or feel like they need some adult guidance and talking to their own mom may be too scary”. Not only did I say this, I wrote it down, thought about it, gave thanks in advance for having it.

    Some people bring out the best in me, some bring out the worst.  Sometimes I don’t even recognize myself when I’m with people who help me generate a toxic existence. Though I don’t always realize it right away, and sometimes it takes a long time, these relationships always find a way to disintegrate – and sometimes it is with people we’ve loved for many, many years. Recognizing and being present to what feels good about being with people and what doesn’t is the first step in moving away from people who bring out the worst in all of us.

    After the devastating – blessing in disguise – loss of my beloved job, I sat down and made a list of what I really wanted to do with my time for the next 10 years.

    Be in control of my calendar
    Be with Gabriela after school
    Use my expertise in facility planning
    Use my coaching distinctions to help others grow personally and professionally
    Consult with a group of people I mesh well with
    High energy teammates
    Laughter, smiles, connectedness with those I work with
    Feeling of respect and appreciation
    Stay home and cook all day if that’s what feels good
    Run errands during the week so the weekend is play time
    Take care of our personal business so Jim doesn’t have to

    Thoughts become things. The Universe hears us. The angels hear us.
    Our dreams manifested don’t always arrive in a neatly wrapped package; sometimes they arrive in a way we’d rather not embrace. It’s in these moments when the strength of our word seems far more powerful than we’ve given them credit for.

    The Universe did not forget 40 years ago, I stood atop that green electrical box sharing whatever was important at that time. It didn’t forget I had a lot to say. 40 years later I lead a group of people working our way towards fitness. I lead a group of people who are up to big things and want to experience personal growth and living a life they love.

    My ideal partner list was not forgotten as soon as I turned the page. This too was manifested. I wrote these words down. I read my notes often. I gave thanks in advance for receiving such a gift. I made room in my closet for a new partner, made room in my garage for another car, and made room in my heart to give and receive love like never before. Ahhhh… so happy to have this be so. All of those qualities and so much more, in my finger-licken, honey-drippen,  chocolate covered husband!

    Though I am not always ready to let go of relationships when the warning signs are flashing like neon lights in front of me, I have learned how to do so gracefully. I recognize which relationships feel good, which feel bad, which leave me exhausted, which leave my elevated… and from there, I have the freedom to create all my relationships to be loving and powerful. And for those who I must let go of, I give thanks for the times we shared and move forward freely.


    Roger-dodger, you have been heard!
    And at this very moment, every single atom in the cosmos is being reprogrammed, every single angel is being summoned, and big wheels are a-turning!
    We just hope you weren’t kidding.
    The Universe
    You’re always heard. Every single thought.

    Thank you universe for being such a great listener! Thank you for being in action, always conspiring for the manifestation of my dreams – even when the delivery is less than stellar. Thank you for reminding me that I am that powerful and unlimited!

    Intentions for the new year:
    2012 – soft and gentle
    2013- ease and grace
    2014 – play and fun
    2015 – clear and open
    2016 – Faith, allowing and gentle unfolding

    2017 – empowering self & others and lightheartedness

    What are you manifesting in 2017? Get busy, the Universe is listening!

    With love and gratitude,

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