This powerful workshop is for you if you want to be:

  • More powerfully present, in your own authentic way
  • Able to live, love and work within a climate of ease and grace
  • Even more successful, without becoming overwhelmed and exhausted
  • Aligned with your purpose and excited by what you’re able to share with the world

At the core for so many women, we are successfully operating on top of a conversation of our unworthiness and not being good enough, or simply not being enough. The majority of us operate in ‘survival’ mode. We play the game. We hide. Yes, it hurts! And over time, it costs us dearly. Our physical and mental health may suffer; our relationships certainly suffer; our intuition lays dormant, ignored. And we lose access to the deeper wisdom and compassion that our families, employers and friends desperately need and want from us. Are you ready to clean out the clutter of self-limiting beliefs and habits that have helped you to survive so far, but have left you ‘cut off from the neck down’?

In this workshop I will show you how to:

  • Recognise the external sources where you have learned to draw your self-esteem from, that keep you believing that you are not ‘enough’ in some way.
  • Access and reconstruct those kinds of beliefs, in a way that serves you and empowers you, instead of undermining you.
  • Move forward in the world more powerfully with presence, a sense of being grounded and an ability to effortlessly allow unprecedented opportunity and abundance in to your life.
  • Develop a loving and deeply empowered relationship between you and your body so that you can easily experience your worthiness, declare your power, and become an attractor for goodness, prosperity and love.

Program Includes:

  • Preview call and pre-workshop exercises
  • Seven weeks of training and coaching in a small group setting
  • A program guide with all of the materials you will use at the workshop
  • Post-workshop support