Would you like to live an extraordinary life?


Would you like to live a life completely by your design?


Would you like to choose all that IS possible in your world?



My energies were blocked by years and years of stories I created for myself about what it means to be a woman; an ideal woman worthy of love and affection. These blocked energies kept me in a state frustration and resentment. In WPBE we dispelled the collective unconscious notion of what 100's of years’ worth of society say it means to be a woman, and through this I was able to create my own, new and authentic expression of what it means to be ME.



Playing small and being a victim is who I was being. I reclaimed my inner power and renewed my commitment to self by expression of who I am in this world. I am a powerful woman who is committed to the transformation of those around me.


Body Esteem

I had not realized that I never saw my entire body in the mirror. There was a major disconnect from my neck down. Having to be with my bare self, both figuratively and literally, was a breakthrough in the area of vulnerability and compassion for my own body.


By participating in Awaken the Goddess Within, you will:

  • Clean out the clutter of self-limiting beliefs and habits that have helped you to survive so far, but have left you ‘cut off from the neck down’

  • Create loving and lasting relationships that honour who you are in this world

  • Create a life of abundant fulfilment by acting on that which nurtures your soul

  • Experience a profound and permanent shift in the quality of your life

  • You will transform your relationship with your body, access your self worth and be the powerful leader you are meant to be

  • You will connect with your own worthiness

  • You will awaken to your power and beauty as a woman resulting in having more presence and confidence

  • You will free yourself and others once and for all from the belief that how you look is a measure of your self-worth


Program Includes:

  • 6 months of personalized face-to-face coaching sessions, either in person or via Skype

  • Two 60 minute sessions monthly

  • One Monthly group coaching call

  • Monthly newsletter

  • Unlimited email accessibility